Sunday 13th August 2017

Today was round 6 of the Rye House Championship and we were lucky for another sunny race day.

The pressure is really on now for Lewis to keep the lead in the Bambino championship.

Practice sessions went well, Lewis said the engine and kart set up were working as he liked them. So far, I was a happy Dad (otherwise known as mechanic) however, the pressure was there for the duration of the day.

Heat 1 went well for Lewis as he took the lead by just under half a second.   The same could be said for heat 2 however, the gap from his competition was getting nearer with only 3 tenths of a second between 1st and 2nd place.

By heat 3 the pressure was really tough and Lewis only managed 3rd place, however there was less than a tenth between him and the 1st place finish.

After tears from Lewis who thought the engine was dropping power, I started working on the engine to see if we could look at getting a few extra tenths to get back up to 1st place for the final.  I had a stressful 30 minutes playing about with the engine and kart set up ready for heat 4.

Now we were ready for the race final in heat 4, Lewis went out with such determination and managed to finish in 1st place.

Overall our team had a brilliant day at Rye House and Lewis was thrilled with another 1st place trophy.  To top the day off he was also awarded Driver of the Day by the commentator.

Bring on round 7!!