3rd & 4th September 2017

This weekend we headed to Shenington karting track in order to get some practice in with the Cadet kart.

On Saturday practice Lewis was doing really well and hitting his personal best after each session. We made a deal and I said if he could keep up with the other drivers on track I would let him race for the first time in the Cadet the next day. Lewis was so excited at the thought of real racing, I however was worried how this was going to plan out.

Unfortunately towards the end of the practice session there was an incident in which Lewis was clipped by another driver on his back wheel and thrown from his kart. Fortunately Lewis was not hurt and just upset the kart had broken.

We packed up ready to leave, disheartened he would not be able to compete in the race the next day.

The whole way home Lewis was thinking of ways we could get the kart repaired for the next day. After a few phone calls to our team manager Steve, and thanks to a fellow CER team mate, we managed to borrow the parts we needed in order to repair the kart. A long evening was ahead for Dad, while Lewis got some sleep.

Sunday we were up bright and early in order to make it to the race on time. Lewis was excited to be racing with the big boys, Mum and Dad on the other hand were nervous!

We found out on arrival that the race format would be rolling starts. Lewis had never done this before so I tried my best to explain to him what he needed to do, hoping the hours watching the Cadets race would pay off.
Time for qualifying and I was in shock that Lewis managed a 4th place position. He was over the moon with this and his confidence grew ready to race.

Lewis took to the track for heat 1, the rolling start didn’t go great and unfortunately he dropped to 8th into last position, he made his way through the pack and finished 5th at the chequered flag. He then had the same problem at the start for heat 2 however this time he managed to get up to 4th position again. Heat 3 saw a slightly better start however due to the weather conditions he span and dropped a couple of positions, he made his way up to 5th position.

Time for the final, and Lewis was going over and over the starting process so he could try his best to make positions up and make no mistakes. Lewis drove his heart out and had his best rolling start of the day! He kept up with the pack and managed to gain a position taking the chequered flag at an impressive 4th place.

I was so proud of him for his first ever real race in which neither of us knew what to expect, he showed such determination and gave me a real insight to what we have to look forward to next year.