Through the winter months Lewis has been testing his Honda Cadet at various tracks.  As he is 7 years old he is not allowed a MSA licence until he is 8.  Therefore we will be racing in IKR’s mainly at Rye House and Shennington until June/July time.

Rye House IKR round 1:

Today was the day Lewis had been waiting for… he was so excited to finally be able to take part in the Cadet grid for the IKR.  Practice went well, with a grid of 29 we were all a bag of nerves, however Lewis took it in his stride.

Qualifying went well and Lewis managed to finish 12th on the grid, we were really impressed as thought we would be looking around the 20th mark to start with.

Heat 1 and Lewis lost a few positions on his standing start but managed to pull them back and finished in 12th place.

Heat 2 unfortunately resulted in a DNF (did not finish) due to a puncher.

Final – due to the DNF we were now 16th on the grid for the final.  The weather took a last minute turn for the worst and snow began to fall heavy.  Lewis started to smile, the boy loves a wet race!!  He raced his little boots off and managed to finish 8th over the finish line.  Proud was a understatement and we finished the day with a very happy 7 year old.

Rye House IKR round 2:

IKR round 2 came with some better weather however in the practice session Lewis was involved in an accident with two other karts which caused allot of damage.  All systems were go to try and get the kart as straight as possible for the race.

Qualifying didn’t go great due to the damage to the kart.  Lewis finished 14th and was not happy with the feel of the drive.  Back to the garage to play around some more.

Heat 1 – Lewis managed to climb to 12th place, however he was still complaining the kart was not driving right.  We played around some more and the team got stuck in to help try and repair the kart.

Heat 2  went a little better and Lewis managed to climb to 10th place.  He was now happy to be in the top 10.

The final went really well and Lewis managed to finish 9th on the grid of 30 karts.  He was not as happy as round 1, however we are still really proud of him for getting these results in his first season in cadet.