From Bambino to Honda Cadet Karter

Lewis was born in June of 2010 and is from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

From a young age Lewis had shown an interest in all aspects of motorsport and by the age of 3 could name every super car and F1 track on the calendar in order.  His weekends were spent watching all of the formulas and visits to his local track to watch the karting.

By the age of 4 Lewis’ parents decided to buy him his own Bambino kart to practice at his local karting track, Rye House.  Lewis was keen to attend every session of the Bambino club.  After a year of practicing, Lewis was ready to start competing in the Rye House Bambino Championship and by the middle of the year was making podium finishes.

By the age of 6 Lewis was racing at MSA events making podium finishes from the start.  He became competitive and thrived on the feeling of reaching the podium.  Lewis became more interested in the setup of the kart and his knowledge of the sport grew.

At the age of 7 Lewis is was competing in MSA events over the UK and won 1st place in the Bambino Championship at Rye House.  Due to the MSA Bambino rules the races are carried out by time trials.  Lewis decided that he wanted a more competitive challenge and was ready to RACE, therefore he has decided to make the move to Honda Cadet level a year sooner than planned.

He has excelled in cadet practice and started competing in events from March 2018, after his win of 1st place in the London Cup Championship.

To date, Lewis has had a successful career with 35+ trophies. He also has many fastest lap and top novice trophies to add to his collection.

Lewis no longer be competes in the Bambino Class, but at the age of 8 years he is excited to solely focus on his Honda Cadet career, starting with entering the Winter Cup and the British Championships in 2019.


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