Shenington Winter Cup Final Mar 2019 – 3rd Place

This weekend Lewis raced at Shenington Kart Club. This was an important race for Lewis as he was joint 3rd in the winter championship and this [...]

Shenington MSA Aug 2018 – Top 10

Lewis has showed incredible skill and determination this Sunday at Shenington. Still being in the novice category Lewis managed to secure Top 10 in the final taking 10th place out [...]

Shenington IKR 2018 – Round 5

Now that Lewis 8 years old and has his MSA licence, that hasn't stopped him continuing in IKR. His last IKR race was held at Shenington for round 5. [...]

Rye House 2018 – Round 1 & 2

Through the winter months Lewis has been testing his Honda Cadet at various tracks.  As he is 7 years old he is not allowed a MSA licence until he [...]

London Cup 2017 Bambino Champion

London Cup 2017 Champion – October 2017 We did it… our last ever race in the Bambino class and Lewis has taken the win for the London Cup [...]

Rye House Bambino Champion 2017

October 2017 This weekend we had the final round at Rye House .  The nerves were full on due to Lewis leading the championship and double points were up for [...]

Shenington IKR – First race at Cadet!!!

3rd & 4th September 2017 This weekend we headed to Shenington karting track in order to get some practice in with the Cadet kart. On Saturday practice Lewis was doing really well and hitting his [...]

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Rye House IKR – Round 6

Sunday 13th August 2017 Today was round 6 of the Rye House Championship and we were lucky for another sunny race day. The pressure is really on now for Lewis to keep the lead in the [...]

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